Minnie will be ready for adoption by November 21st. She is an 8-year old Rat Terrier. She gets along with other dogs but is also happy with just one special person for company. She should not go to a home with children.



"With Holy Shih Tzu's help, these small dogs become wonderful companions for families, children with special needs, lonely adults and the elderly, creating a mutually beneficial human/canine relationship."

—The Huffington Post,
Social Entrepreneurship,
Oct. 3, 2013


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Our adoptable dogs will only be placed in homes where they will be accepted as part of the adopting family. All adoptable dogs are up to date on vaccinations and already spayed or neutered before adoption.

We get to know each dog individually so we can help you find the right dog for you. We try to determine during foster care which dogs would prefer to be the only pet and which dogs enjoy the company of other dogs; and which dogs would do well with small children and which would not. We address resource guarding, separation anxiety, housetraining, and crate training issues so you can follow up with training when you bring your new family member home.

We require foster and adoptive families to have securely fenced yards for the safety of our little ones.

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OP and Mamie



Got Lap?

Lap dogs often require more human contact than larger dogs would. They might be timid, defensive, finicky, or have special medical needs. Some might have been misunderstood, and treated as small pets who can be easily caged, rather than as pampered members of the family. Some might have been severely neglected, or crated for much of the time. They generally would not do well in a cage at a shelter, and often refuse to eat when left in that situation.

Foster volunteers can make a big difference for these animals. These kind and dedicated people take them into their homes, give them nourishment, encouragement, and love. They socialize them, care for them, and teach them good manners, until they are ready to be adopted into a permanent home.

When space is available we also offer foster care for dogs belonging to our troops serving overseas.

Please CONTACT US if you live in the Champaign-Urbana area and might consider fostering a lap dog in need.

Our rescue isn't breed specific, but we specialize in small companion dogs who may not do well in ordinary shelters. Our mission is to provide specialized care and adoption services for small dogs who are at risk of failing to thrive in a typical kill shelter, and we place them with special people who will benefit from a close bond with an extraordinary animal. Our dogs have been relinquished by students and other members of our community who find they can no longer care for their small companions. Our dogs are not kept in cages. They are treated as family members so that they can socialize and learn good house manners.

Your donations help us provide complete veterinary care including mandatory spaying or neutering for our adoptable dogs, and are tax deductible.

We always welcome donations of unopened dog food, clean beds, toys, and other supplies

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