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Mrs. Lana Bates


“With Holy Shih Tzu’s help, these small dogs become wonderful companions for families, children with special needs, lonely adults
and the elderly, creating a mutually beneficial human/canine relationship.”    —
The Huffington Post, Social Entrepreneurship, Oct. 3, 2013

No-Kill Rescue & Foster Care

HST is a foster-based rescue. Most of the adoption process is done online to avoid stressing the dogs. 

With Paypal You can sponsor one dog, sponsor a dog each month, or help us establish a comfortable and dedicated facility.

Our dogs are wonderful companions who naturally help with anxiety, PTSD recovery, and depression.

HST is not a breed-specific rescue, but we specialize in small dogs who might not survive in a typical shelter.

NASCAR'S Greg and Nicole Biffle

The Quackenbush Family

U of I grad Malcolm Taylor and Johnson


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